blackaddR | Texture Artist 3 years ago
Busy, busy, busy.
blackaddR | Texture Artist 3 years ago

Not dead /truestory
blackaddR | Texture Artist 3 years ago
hands, hands, HANDS!!!
blackaddR | Texture Artist 3 years ago
Have e-mailed DiSarray the Ref pics for the Leet and GIGN models, as requested. Hopefully he can be getting to work on those as soon as possible. :)
amogan | Lead Programmer 3 years ago
Note that as the previous post has stated, it shows recent work that has been done but it not necessarily reflects the feature-set of CSPromod 1.11. Please refer to the official changelog for that.
*hint* sk-gaming ;)
Saul | Programmer 3 years ago
  • Recent work
  • mp_playersave (default 0): Save player cash, weapons, etc when they disconnect. Restored upon reconnection within mp_playersave_timeout seconds
  • mp_playersave_voluntary (default 0): Save player data when they manually disconnect? (e.g., through the 'disconnect' or 'quit' commands)
  • mp_playersave_timeout (default 300): Seconds after disconnection that player save states are valid for (0 = until the end of the game). Note game time is paused when the game is paused
  • Added new ConVar mp_roundend_pause_on_disconnect: If enabled, if a player disconnects mid-round, the game pauses at round-end (sv_pausable must be enabled)
  • Fixed several name change exploits
  • Added auto-completing give command
  • Improved event logging bugs
  • sv_clockcorrection_msecs now defaults to 30
  • Added mp_team_score_limit ConVar: Once a team wins this many rounds, the game ends
  • Added mp_half_time ConVar: If non-zero, swap player teams and team scores after this many rounds have been completed
  • Added mp_half_time_interval ConVar: Defines the number of seconds that half-time lasts
  • Added mp_half_time_pause ConVar: Whether to pause indefinitely at half-time. Game immediately resumes when the mp_half_time_resume command is called
  • Added mp_half_time_reset_score ConVar: Reset player scores at half-time
  • Added mp_half_time_resume ConComamnd: Resume game in half-time
  • Hidden some development commands
  • Fixed 'Kicked by ...' chatbox message not showing the full name of the kicker
  • net_showmsg is now cheat flagged
  • ...and some more minor changes.

Redstar | Development Manager - Developer 3 years ago
Quick update for you guys; amogan is working on the auto-updater which is the the key feature of our next patch CSPromod 1.11
Good progress so far, and as soon as it is ready we will announce the release date of 1.11

Stay tuned !
blackaddR | Texture Artist 3 years ago
Looking at colour tones of the player models. Should make differentiating more easier.
alba | Designer 3 years ago
Happy New Year everyone! We should have an update for you guys shortly on when the next release is going to be, just bear with us, it's been crazy with the holidays obviously but we should be back to the normal rhythm shortly. Look out for that soon! ;-)
Saul | Programmer 3 years ago
  • Tonight's work
  • Updated the Console commands page on the wiki
  • Added ammo entities (ammo_all, ammo_50ae, ammo_9mm, ammo_45acp, ammo_556mm, ammo_762mm, ammo_338mag)
  • Fixed the game_player_equip entity not working
  • Added item_assaultsuit and item_kevlar

CSPromod is now near identical to CS:S in terms of entity support, and so soon there should be no reason why any CS:S map doesn't run correctly in CSP.
alba | Designer 3 years ago
Back from my Christmas vacation, yay! Gotta get the news feed rolling again :)
blackaddR | Texture Artist 3 years ago
Merry Christmas all!

From the Development team :)
blackaddR | Texture Artist 3 years ago
Why our Phoenix can't look like that of 1.6...

alba | Designer 3 years ago
We'll have more information/details on what's happening next after our meeting Saturday, stay tuned ;-)
Saul | Programmer 3 years ago
  • Tonight's work
  • Clients will no longer be able to connect to servers that are not running the same version of the game as them
  • Added con_color (finally)
  • Fixed a bug where the effect of in-eye spectating a flashbanged player would stick when you went to chase or free-look mode
  • Further debugging into the unconnected bug